To move or not to move, that is the question.

Making sense of the post Covid-19 workplace.

The ‘to move or not to move’ checklist helps companies decide that they want, with a manageable, less ‘rabbit in the headlights’ approach. 

Social media has been alive over the past few weeks debating, discussing and pronouncing on the future of the office. Throughout the pandemic working from home has been compulsory, and for many workers it is now the ‘new normal’.

So, is the office still essential or can we operate our businesses solely from our homes?

Whether you currently hold a lease for 1,500sqft or 15,000sqft, real estate costs are likely to be one of the biggest line items within your overheads. Without a doubt, it has now become a focal point of scrutiny for every business.

Download this simple guide and checklist to help with your decision making.